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Exact Engineering Inc. has a vast background in injection molds and mold design. Following a detailed part design evaluation, our team will collaborate with you to develop a comprehensive mold solution to meet your costs and production requirements. All molds are designed and built to SPI standards.

Mold Solutions

Depending on the project requirements, we offer a wide range of molds. From Type I Rapid Prototype to Class 101, we strive on designing the mold around the total manufacturing process of the product.

  • High Precision Production Molds (Hot Runner, Slide Action, Core Pull, Collapsible Core, Mulit-Stage Ejection)
  • Multi-Shot Molds(Core Pull, Rotary)
  • Automatic Unscrewing Molds
  • Pre-Production(Pilot, Bridge)
  • Rapid Prototype Technology
  • Prototype Molds
  • Stack Molds
  • Rotary and Shuttle Molds
  • Overmolding(Insert, Continuous Reel-to-Reel, Media, TPU and TPE)
  • Robotic End Of Arm Tooling
  • Multi-Shot Molds

Maximum Efficiency

With in-house machining centers, and a design/development team, we can provide cost and time efficiency with any new mold build. One area to gain maximum efficiency is the optimization of mold performance. This may include re-design of poor steel conditions, MoldFlow analysis, adding high-performance copper alloy for uniform cooling and reduction in cycle time, Procerax for an aid in venting, hardening or surface treatment for added longevity and corrosion resistance, cavity layout for end of arm tooling and packaging, ideal cavitation for production requirements, or any other special automation or assembly needs. A top quality and correctly designed mold from product launch will save time and money throughout the product's life span.

Exact's high speed machining centers incorporate the latest tooling technologies and can produce extremely complex parts and ready to mold surface finishes. These machining centers combined with highly skilled toolmakers and the latest CAD/CAM software ensures quality, speed, and accuracy.

Molds are built with premium grade steel or aluminum with standard off the shelf components. Surface finishing is done in-house with capabilities up to SPI A-1 diamond finish along with glass and aluminum oxide blast. When revisions or repairs are needed, we utilize our LaserStar laser welder to make the necessary changes quickly and within our complete control.

RPT (Rapid Prototype Technology)

Current Sizes: 6in x 4in, 12in x 12in, 15in x 17in, 15in x 25in

Our Rapid Prototype Technology system utilizes an array of custom engineered proprietary mold base systems. The RPT system coupled with 5-axis high speed machining offers the highest quality at a very aggressive pace to turn your product into a prototype mold. Mold cavities are usually constructed out of high strength aluminum or P-20 mold steel.

Throughout the prototype process we will not compromise the integrity of the part with respects to functionality, quality, manufacturability, and aesthetics. For undercuts, the RPT system has the capability to use slides with cam actions, lifters, or handloaded sub-inserts that will furnish the needed part geometry.

The Exact Engineering RPT system is an inexpensive solution to produce low volume parts for testing (including insert and media overmolding, and TPE/TPU 2-shot overmolding) or quality production parts.

Pre-Production Molds (Pilot, Bridge)

Class 101 | 16 Cavity | Multi-Shot Overmold w/Core Pull | Polyshot Valve Gate Hot Manifold

Quickly getting the product into production and in the marketplace while the production mold is still in construction is the key to a pre-production mold. Also, product characteristics and post molding operations can be evaluated before mass production begins. These molds are generally lower-cavitation production molds. If the part design remains constant, some of the components can be used as interchangeable spares for the production molds. When an engineering change is required, costs and lead time are reduced with pre-production molds.

Production Molds

Depending on the application, production molds can range from one cavity to hundreds of cavities following SPI class 101 standards. To gain the quality and life expectancy that is required from a production mold, we typically use P-20, S-7, and 420 stainless steel. We normally recommend Mold Masters or Polyshot hot manifold systems and valve gates. Exact Engineering stands behind its workmanship by offering free lifetime mold guarantee on production molds that are run in-house.

Lifetime Mold Guarantee

Exact Engineering Inc. has the capability to design, build, and maintain complex tools which creates maximum part-to-part repeatability, reduced time-to-market, and competitive pricing. We stand behind our workmanship by offering free maintenance on production molds that are run in-house throughout the entire life of the project.

Mold Guarantee