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Mold Transfer

With our in-house tooling division, strong engineering team, and customer support, we provide a detailed and successful mold relocation program. Following an effective process, we make the relocation stress free.

1) Schedule Transfer

We will consult with you to review specifications and schedule shipment of the mold to our facility.

2) Analyze Mold

Once the mold is received, our team will analyze the mold and provide a detailed evaluation report of the mold condition along with any improvement opportunities. The data will be entered into our mold tracking program and a mold history is created.

3) Course of Action

Following the evaluation, out team will consult with you to determine what course of action is to be accomplished before the mold is sampled.

4) Make Repairs and/or Adaptations

Our tool division will provide preventative maintenance to the mold, and if necessary, make any repairs or adaptations to prepare the mold to be sampled.

5) Mold Trial

Our injection molding technicians will perform a detailed DOE to determine the mold's characteristics. Some studies investigated include: cycle time optimization, gate seal, rheology, cooling, and venting.

6) Inspect Injection Molded Parts

Following the mold trial, our quality technicians will perform a first article inspection report (FAIR).

7) Final Mold and Part Summary

Once we are confident in our evaluation of the mold and parts, we will submit sample parts and our final mold and part summary report.

Contact Exact Engineering Inc. and let us make your mold transfer an improvement opportunity and a success!